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  • the perfect blend devotional

    One thing I love about God is that He is always in the restoration business.  We may make decisions that cause us to experience brokenness in one way or another, but He is always working with and for us to put things back together again.  God knew that our lives wouldn't always measure up to His ideals, yet He made provision for us.  Psalm 68:6 tells us that it is God who sets the solitary into families.  God still has a plan for you and your family; a plan that is good and causes you to win.  The Perfect Blend Devotional uses the Word of God to encourage you, enlighten you, and motivate you.  Failure doesn't have to be your final outcome; you can make your second time around sweeter.  Your family can be the perfect blend!

  • now is the time

    "Cathy your book is great and will bless multitudes."

    -Dodie Osteen, author of Healed of Cancer and Choosing Life: One Day at a Time

    "Now is the Time is a blessing for anyone who feels that their choices in life have disqualified them.  Cathy shares from her personal experiences and from the Word of God that you put your past behind you and go on to fulfill your purpose in life.  It is very inspiring to read, and it will help you to move forward in peace from your past.  I love what I've read and I know it will bless the Body of Christ."

    -Dr. Betty R. Price, author of Wisdom from Above and co-founder of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries


    Aren't you tired of doing the same old mundane stuff? Don't you get weary at the thought of working thirty years at the same job just to retire, go fishing, and then die? I know in my heart that there is so much more to apprehend than that...and so do you! I'm not talking about the pursuit of fame, fortune or material things.  I'm talking about locking in on the reason God created you; finding your purpose in life and giving yourself completely to it.  I'm talking about being truly inspired because the life that God designed for you has the opportunity for full expression.

    I don't care what has discouraged or sidelined you in the past.  Make a decision today that your life matters. Don't wait on someone else to pat you on the back or make the way for you.  You do it! Allow the breath of the Almighty to stir you up.  GET INSPIRED! It's time to make your life count!